Saturday, April 18, 2009

Truth or Consequences

I had a conversation this week with a young lady who is seeking after the things of God and still fully living in the things of this world. I commend her honesty. You know who she is and where she stands. I don't know that she is proud of the things she does, but she doesn't try to pretend that she is someone she isn't. After she told me a lot about what was going on in her world, I just asked "what is it that you want?" Her response: "The truth". She wants to know the truth. Perhaps in part of her quest in living in the world, but seeking Jesus and spending time with those who profess His name, she wants to know "which side is real" and that will be the side she ultimately follows.

All week her words have been ringing in my head and taking up residence in my heart. "The truth". Okay, the church girl in me knows that Jesus Christ is the Truth, but what does that really mean. I know the verse "Then you will know the truth and the truth will set you free." I firmly believe the truth sets people free no matter how much satan wants to tell us otherwise. But how can I explain 'the truth' to her and how well do I live it out. What exactly is the truth?

The Complete Word Study Dictionary defines 'truth' as stated in John 8:32 as "divine truth or the faith and practice of the true gospel is called 'truth' either as being true in itself and derived from the true God, or as declaring the existence and will of the one true God, in opposition to the worship of false idols. Hence divine truth, gospel truth, as opposed to heathen and Jewish fables".

Whoa - as a follower and professor of Christ as my Savior, am I living out a life that clearly says "I know what is true and I know my God is true" or a life that goes after false idols? As the saying goes "do I practice what I preach?". I can tell you all the right things about believing, taking your thoughts captive, having faith, and trusting in the word, but all the words don't matter if I don't live it out in my own life. No excuses. That does not mean living a perfect life, but it does mean acknowledging my need for forgiveness and grace. It does mean living in such a way that reflects my heart, passion and belief in the One True God, while being authentic at the same time. I can't say I trust God and then look to the world for all the answers.

I believe more than ever that an entire generation is looking for the truth. They aren't opposed to Christianity, but as Christians we aren't doing a very good job of living out the truth. Hypocritical actions and judgmental attitudes speak a whole lot louder than words. People aren't looking for lip service. They want real, authentic human beings to convey the love, message and truth of Jesus Christ. We need to offer them something more than the same false idols the world offers. We need to live out what is true. When they don't see us living out the truth of Christ, just what are the consequences?

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