Monday, April 20, 2009

Almost Food for Thought

I love random blogs that allow us to see into other people's daily lives and homes. I'm weird that way, but it brings them some credibility with me when I know they are just plain, everyday folk seeking after Christ in the midst of life.

I wasn't planning on writing anything tonight because I had things to get done - like preparing for the UR Women's event, making rice krispie treats for lunches this week and hanging a picture up. And then this happened:

The rice krispies multiplied faster than the loaves and fishes and there wasn't enough marshmallow or pan to cover them all. I reread the instructions again and again and I know I measured right. But this stuff was overflowing from the pan and onto the stove. Seemed like blog material somehow.

I was also planning on hanging up a new picture in our bathroom. Picked it up today as I finally used a gift certificate I had received a year and a half ago. Just couldn't make up my mind.

This seemed perfect. I can't get enough prayer in my life and since the bathroom floor seems to be where I meet God the most on my knees, it seemed appropriate. It is also a great reminder of how to start my day. And the frame matches the bathroom curtain:
All my decorating friends would be so proud! Six months of living in this house and I still can't find the right window covering.

But seriously, life can get messy and not go as planned, our lives are better when we spend significant time on our knees in prayer and sometimes appearances don't really matter - it's what's on the inside that counts.

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Amy B said...

Looks like Confection Perfection is going to have to start carrying Rice Krispie Treats eh? Ha! Love ya!