Saturday, April 11, 2009

Registration Required

How seriously do we take the return of Christ? Do we truly believe that there will always be a tomorrow? Why do we think that "tomorrow" we can get our life right with Christ or maybe even "tomorrow" we will accept Him as our Savior? The "tomorrows" here on earth are limited.

Last week we had a conference at work. Flyers, emails, magazine ads and various other notices were sent out months in advance of the conference. Admission was free. A registration deadline was clearly placed on all the ads. Pre-registration required. As the day of the conference approached, the registrations had completely filled up and we had to turn people away. Many people called after the deadline still expecting to sign-up. I kept hearing people say things like "well I got the information months ago, I just didn't get around to it" or "I shouldn't have waited so long". The morning of the conference we had people just show up expecting to get in, but it was full and we couldn't accept anyone else. Some stood against the wall waiting to see if there were no-shows.

I couldn't help but get a very real burden for how it will be upon Christ's return. The notices have gone out - repeatedly and well in advance of the expected date. The invitations have been extended. Admission is free. And all have been told that "preregistration" is required to enter the gates of heaven. But how many will say "I shouldn't have waited so long"? How many will stand outside the gates to see if they can still get in even though they never accepted the invitation? How many will stand in line only to find that their name isn't on the registration list?

Just like the people at the conference, the day will come when it will be too late to sign-up for eternity with Christ. The open invitation to accept Christ as Savior will have expired. But if you are reading this, there is still hope. It's not too late. All are invited and admission is free.

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Joyce said...

Your blog "Registration Required" inspired me to create a skit for the youth at my church to use on their mission trip this summer. Thank You for your words and the inspiration. It will be used to glorify God.