Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thankful to have come "thus far"

It's quiet (for now) at our house after three days of God filling my soul in the most blessed ways. Thanksgiving dinner with my parents, my brother and his wife and my nephews, Kenny & I, Jillian & Shane & Justin. We filled our stomachs beyond capacity and loaded up to go to Kenny's side of the family. Spent time with his parents, his siblings and their spouses and then headed home.

With busy and opposite schedules, we don't get a lot of alone, quality time with our son. He might live with us, but that doesn't mean we see each other much! Had the absolute best time with him on the way to both of the Thanksgiving dinners. Laughed hard. And then laughed some more. Had good conversation and great memories made. It made this momma's heart beat with joy.

Working in retail meant that Justin was out the door in the wee hours of the morning of Black Friday. That left Jillian and Shane home with me for awhile until Kenny got home from work. What a joy to sit down and look at baby items with Jillian and talk about what is to come when that tiny baby arrives in January. Oh how I can't wait. Had the privilege of fixing breakfast for my daughter and son-in-law on Friday and Saturday. Oh how I love that.

Kenny was no sooner in the door from work on Friday until there were games to be played, more food to be eaten and laughter that made me about pee myself! Yep, laughed that hard again with my daughter and son-in-law and my husband. We had the best time.

Spending time with your grown children is a pleasure and a joy that cannot be described in words. Maybe this year I appreciate it all even more as I look at my daughter's belly with our grandchild inside or maybe it's because I know where we all have been and how far God has brought each one of us. Makes me want to sit here and cry like a baby with sheer joy. Makes me want to put up some stones outside as a reminder that "God has brought us thus far".

It's now Sunday. We went to church and heard a wonderful message from Pastor Matt Thompson from the Geneva Church of Christ. Matt and his family will always hold a very special place in our hearts. You never realize how much people mean to you until you haven't seen them for awhile. Never met a man with a greater gift of encouragement than Matt Thompson.

Kenny has finally wound down from all the excitement and food and has crashed on the couch while watching football. Jillian and Shane have gone home. Justin is back at work. My books and notes are all over the kitchen table calling my name, because I desperately need to get busy on a project!

Life is full. Life is good. And my soul is full of the good things of life. Thank you Lord for countless blessings, unspeakable joy and for bringing me 'thus far'.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Kenny

Today is my man's birthday. It's his 43rd one and the 27th one we have celebrated together. Who would have thought that when we celebrated his 16th birthday as teenagers 'in-love' that we would celebrate his 43rd together. I think God knew way back then and I am so grateful.

Kenny hates this kind of stuff, but it's my blog, so . . .

Happy Birthday babe. There isn't a Hallmark card around that could do justice to describing you. I fell in love with you when you were 15, but today I love you. True love. The kind of love that has stood the test of time and trials and 24 years of marriage.

You make me laugh. You make me happy - not just happy for a moment here and there, but genuinely happy. You are a man of God and I know that you live it out at home as much as you do everywhere else. You work hard. Not just working hard at the job that pays you, but at pursuing God and in everything you do. You are a man of integrity. I love knowing that when you say you will or won't do something, your word is good. I admire you. I know you and the personal things about you that aren't always meant for sharing. I would admire you if I didn't know them, but because I do I admire you even more. I know who you are and I am deeply in love with you - all of you.

It is your birthday, but the kids and I got the gift. A gift of a godly husband, godly father and soon-to-be godly grandpa. Some things just get better with age and you are one of them. I thank God for you every day and I will continue to do so as long God gives me breath to praise Him.

I love you Kenny Alan Morgan - Happy Birthday!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Dangerous Woman

A few years ago, I had the wonderful privilege of being a part of a women's ministry event called "Dangerous Women". The general idea of the conference was about being dangerous women for Christ. Godly women. Women who feared the Lord and followed Him with passion. It was while I was reading Angel's blog tonight that I was reminded of the conference. Angel was a part of it. We had a blast and God blessed us in it.

I confess that I wasn't really looking to read blogs tonight, it just kind of happened after I climbed up out of my self-induced "you can be an idiot" pit. If you have no idea what I am talking about when I say that - stop here - the rest of the blog will mean absolutely nothing to you. If you have ever jumped into the "you can be an idiot" pit all of your own free will - then please keep reading.

The drop into the pit started when I called a friend with a genuine concern about something that was going on in her life. I wanted her to know I care and that I was thinking about her and praying for her and that I love her. Instead, out of my mouth came words that I meant for good, but wound up hurting. Something careless that I said without really thinking about what I was saying or how it might be taken. One giant step toward the 'idiot pit'.

I should have stopped right there and put duct-tape on my mouth. But no, instead I go see what my husband is doing. The first night we have had at home alone in a week. Been looking forward to it for days. Nothing I love more than being alone with my man. Yep - you guessed it. Open mouth - say something stupid and thoughtless. Free fall straight into the 'idiot pit'.

Final kick of dirt down on me in the 'idiot pit' - I was supposed to be studying tonight about being a godly wife and godly woman and self-discipline and what that means and how to live it out. Instead first hand lesson in the exact opposite direction. And on top of that not studying a bit.

So what does any of that have to do with dangerous women - everything. There is more than one kind of dangerous woman. There is the woman who radically, boldly, humbly and obediently follows after Christ. She is a godly woman. She doesn't just talk the talk - she walks the walk. She brings honor to her husband and her family. The Proverbs 31 woman for starters.

Then there is the dangerous woman who is worse than a dripping faucet. (Proverbs 19:13 and Proverbs 21:9) The woman who doesn't guard her tongue and doesn't think before she speaks. The woman who can tear down in 3 seconds flat with one sentence what took a year to build up with words of affirmation and encouragement and love. She is equally dangerous.

I just kept thinking of Paul's words over and over in my head - I don't do the things I ought to do and instead keep doing the things I don't want to do. (my paraphrase) I didn't want to hurt my friend and I didn't want to hurt my husband. I wanted to encourage my friend and have a wonderful evening alone with my husband. I wanted to spend some time studying God's word and listening for his promptings within me. Instead, my ears and heart were plugged with mud and dirt from the pit.

Lord have mercy on me and I thank you that your mercies are new each morning. I'm gonna need 'em. And now I need to go be with my husband.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Evidence of Grace

This is just a portion of the shoes - men's shoes - that I had to walk over to get in the house tonight after women's bible study. There were two other similar collections inside the door. These are the shoes I had to step over and around after parking half-way out the drive and walking to the house because there was nowhere near the house to park. The shoes and parked cars are absolute evidence of God's grace. Men, men, men - in our basement - seeking God, praying, laughing and doing whatever else it is they do when men gather together to meet with God. I know what we do at the women's bible study, but that's just women, so I don't know what all goes on here on Tuesday nights when the men meet. But this I know, I will gladly walk down the drive in the dark and step over piles of shoes to walk into my house to hear men fellowshipping in our basement. And the other cool part, they aren't just from our church, our country or our age group. Gotta love that!