Friday, June 11, 2010

Finding Your Own Way

I have found myself over the years to be directionally challenged. I have gotten better with time - especially after you have enough times getting lost. But there is still something within me that tends to get sidetracked every once in awhile. It happened again this week.

Last year I didn't get lost out of sheer fear when I went to deliver precious items to my husband at his men's retreat . So when he headed off this weekend for the same destination I was determined to make sure he had everything he might need.

Sadly, he had me run an errand for him on Wednesday and I found myself calling him to figure out how I could have missed my turn. Mind you, I was traveling within 30 miles of our home, had been to this particular store numerous times in the last year and a half and there was no snow on the road - no detours either. He redirected me and I managed to find my way home all by myself!

Here's the thing - all the times we had driven to this store, my husband was driving. I was merely the passenger. If the ride had been over an hour, then I could pass it off on sleeping while he drove. But this wasn't the case. I was wide awake admiring the scenery. Because my husband was driving though, I didn't need to pay close attention to which turn he took.

So what gives? Interestingly I think our faith is kind of like this. We can ride on someone's else's experience, prayers, faith, bible knowledge, etc. for a time. But the day will come when we need to know how to navigate and move forward on our own. I can't ride on my husband's, my pastor's, my mentor's or for that matter Beth Moore's faith and get very far. They lead me, direct me, teach me, give direction and encourage me. However, their faith is their's - not mine. I had to make it my own or I may very well get so lost that I find myself heading in the exact opposite direction God intended. Can anybody relate?

God has given me multiple opportunities to learn and grow and test my faith-teeth over the last several years. I have no doubt that he has given you multiple opportunities as well. So jump on the offer and let God lead you on your own personal journey with Him. You won't be disappointed!


Sandy said...

Kim, this is a very wise post. Thank you so much for the analogy and encouragment. I, too am very directionally challenged, and my husband always says "How many times have you been here?!" and I always say, "but I wasn't driving!"

Jeanette said...

I know what you mean. I always prefer for my husband to drive so I can just enjoy the ride. But then I can't find my way if I have to go alone!

And while it's more comfortable for me to sit under the leadership of someone else, I grow and learn the most when I am doing the navigating.

Anonymous said...

Kim, I find this very true. Often times I rely too much on my pastors and mentors to do the leading and then when I get "busy" and don't listen to His direction, I get very lost. I do need to stop relying on others all the time and take moments to stop and be still. That is when I hear His voice and He leads me. Love you Kim! Susan V.