Sunday, February 1, 2009

God knows where I am

Have you ever wondered if God knew exactly where you were? I had some time to ponder that question yesterday, but in the oddest of situations. My sweet, sweet husband and 12 other guys headed off to the KD Ranch in Adamsville, Ohio for a weekend retreat. My husband was speaking and doing a demonstration on Saturday night. Friday night I get a frantic call from my husband. In the midst of all the hurrying to get out the door on Friday, he left all the materials for his demonstration sitting at home. I believe he said something like this "Can you please bring it (the box) to me on Saturday. The address is on my desk. You will probably get lost and there is no cell phone reception down here." Well, at least I think that is what he said. Anyway . . .

Saturday morning I Google the directions, pack a bag for the 2+ hour drive and head out into the unknown. Afterall, it can't be that bad and I can easily make it in two hours. Highway driving for the first 70 miles. Made that part of the trip in about 60 min. It only took me another 1 1/2 hours to make the last 10 miles! The moment I turn off the highway, I am on completely snow covered roads with few houses in sight. The kind of roads where the signs are somewhere over in the snow facing all sorts of directions because of the snow plows.

Still doing okay for a few minutes, until the first challenge. The road splits and the sign says DO NOT ENTER - authorized vehicles only. Authorized coal mining trucks mind you. And no sign telling which way the road goes or which road I might be on. Finally find someone in an oversized pickup truck to tell me "oh I'm not from around here, but just go to the left." So, I go to the left. Not long until there is no sign of life. Just a wide road, lots of snow, no place to turn around and no restroom. It has now been two hours since the last potty break, but not since my last cup of coffee. Enough said.

I realize at this point, I may be lost. Call my husband's cell phone. No reception. Call the ranch - they have never heard of the roads I'm talking about. So I hold on to my trusted google map and move forward. Afterall there is no where to turn around anyway. At one point, I began to think that no one knows where I am. No one would be able to find me if something happened. It is too cold and too far to walk for help. And I could feel a slight panic coming over me. I had been praying the whole trip for protection and direction, but now I just lifted my voice to my God and reminded Him (and me) that He knew exactly where I was and He was with me.

Finally come to a small bait and tackle shop along the side of the road. Figured I should stop and ask for directions in case I am really lost. Have you ever seen the movie "Deliverance" - you get the point. I again reminded the Lord He knew where I was and what kind of deliverance I might need. Someone there was able to give me directions that went something like, "go past the dam, over the wooden bridge, take a right, take a left, go up the hill and when you see the church you will know you are going the right direction."How profound! I have never shouted "PRAISE YOU LORD" louder than when I saw that little church.

Eventually found my husband, dropped off the box, prayed for a miracle to come from his talk and demonstration, hopped back in my little Acura and headed into the wild. Only saw about 10 very large pickup trucks and lots of men with guns and camo on the way back. I was without any question the only person wearing lipstick and in a car for about a 60 mile radius~

But God knew exactly which one was me and exactly where I was. I think He was probably getting a kick out of the whole thing as He watched over me.

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Susan V. said...

Kim, you are so amazing. I could just see the love for Kenny as I read this. A long trip in the snow by yourself (well of course you had God)You are such a blessing!! Susan V.