Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Little Down Time

Where on earth did 18 days go?! Since I can only seem to account for some of it, I will share what I remember in the midst of the whirlwind.

Had the amazing privilege of spending some time with my grandson, Simon, while his Mommy was in school working on her Master's degree and his Daddy was helping at basketball camp.

Spent time with our children over the Father's Day weekend. - Always LOVE that.

Went to a graduation party for my dear friend, Angela, who got her nursing degree. Go Ang!

Went to a baby shower for my sweet friend, Kristy. I am so extremely happy for her and her husband.

Heard our dear friend, Wayne, preach at our church this past Sunday. And how sweet it was. Not only did Wayne get to preach at the same church where he came to know Christ, but his friend came forward to accept Christ after Wayne preached. Love how God uses the seeds to produce the harvest.

Then there were three practices for Called to Belong worship event that is coming up on August 28th. Glory to God for His mighty hand in that.

Tonight was a little me time. With my husband having the men's prayer group/bible study tonight, I decided to head on out to Rite-Aid and VOA for a little bargain shopping. Spent a total of $1.98 at Rite-Aid for 8 hair products, 24 rolls of TP, 2 shaving creams, 1 deodorant, 1 toothpaste, 8 bags of M&Ms, 6 packages of some other unmentionables (since I know there are some men who read this) and then to the VOA for a new (never worn) pair of shoes, 2 dresses, 6 tops (1 with the tags still on), 2 adorable scarves to go with the dresses. It was 50% off night! Oh and a new book! Entire night - less than $28. Not too bad.

The next few days are looking a lot less busy - Praise God. So perhaps there will be something more worthwhile coming from this blog by then.


Jenilee said...

sounds like a busy time for you! nice to read about how you are doing! :) enjoy some rest!

Tanya said...

I love finding bargins and it sounds like you were very Blessed! Glad you got some "Kim" time too! Have a glorious, peace filled, time of rest without wordly distractions over the July 4th weekend!