Sunday, June 6, 2010

Simon, Simon and the hot dog vendor

It was a first in my life this weekend. First for my husband too. Our first grandchild, Simon, had his first overnight visit at our house.
Babies grow so fast that you don't dare waste a minute not appreciating each phase for it will quickly pass. The most precious moment was getting Simon out of bed this morning when he woke up. I had forgotten how wonderful those very first few morning moments are. It all came flooding back and I am grateful for it. What a blessing to have this time. We are going to be having a blast over the years as Simon comes to spend the night with Nana and Papa.

But before Simon ever arrived for the weekend, I was attending the Ashland Theological Seminary graduation where our dear friend Reggie Cureton was graduating.
I remember the first time I ever met Reggie and over a short period of time he became an acquaintance of my husband also. But the defining moment of his friendship in our family was the day he showed up at the hospital to pray for Kenny after Kenny had been admitted for what we thought were heart problems. It wasn't long until Reggie became a regular at the Tuesday night men's group that meets at our house. I love Reggie's testimony - he was a hot dog vendor for many years until God got a hold of him. He sold all he had and committed to attending seminary in Ohio. Moved far from his family and friends and trusted the Lord for provisions and wisdom. God provided both. And God provided a wonderful friend for my husband as well. I can hardly write this without crying because I know in a few weeks Reggie will be leaving for Texas.

God has blessed us with a grandchild and good friends. I am trusting he will bless us with more of both over time.

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Ethan said...

I'm gonna miss that guy.