Sunday, October 11, 2009

Our Ordinary Life

Two weeks that went a little like this: prep for bible study, women's bible study, men's bible study (my husband - not me), trip to Columbus for service at the Vineyard, trip to Lexington for Emmaus gathering, run husband to get truck window fixed, get wedding/shower gifts, mentor, shop for gifts, wedding, church, bridal shower, prep for bible study, repeat bible studies, small group, out to dinner with the folks, collapse. That was in our 'free time' each evening and weekend after work. As a result the laundry room looked like it just vomited clothes all over the laundry room.

And my kitchen table . . .

Friday night FREE - and so now the laundry room and my kitchen table look like this.

So can you please explain this to me?

No matches to be found. No socks just laying around the house. And no more laundry to do.

Saturday a relaxing trip with my husband to here.

A nice Fall day, beautiful drive in the country and this . . . .

Ahhh a fabulous array of cheeses, lunch meats and bulk foods. Life is good. Time to relax a bit.

Sunday morning head out the door for a quick errand before church. Greeted by our son's dog. The dog that is supposed to either be locked in the garage or tied up outside. Running free. Mmmmm . . . what is that smell? It smells strangely like skunk!!!!! Get my son up, avoid further contact with the dog. Walk down the sidewalk only to discover that as a token of the dog's appreciation for us she has brought us one of our neighbor's Sunday papers. Possibly as a bribe for her bad behavior during the night?

Wouldn't trade a minute of my ordinary life with my family for anything!

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