Monday, June 15, 2009

Stained No More

We have spent the whole weekend staining the outside of our house - with a brush. My sweet husband is outside finishing some of the final details and tomorrow I will finish the porch floor and then we will be DONE. Amen.

I have to say as hard as it was physically (I didn't know I had that many unused muscles) - it was actually fun to work on a project again with my husband. He won't like this, but I have to brag on him just a minute. It has been awhile since we have worked together on this kind of major project and I forgot what a brute he is! The man is strong. I mean really strong. We rented a hydraulic lift to reach the peaks of the house and when it wasn't in the right spot - he was pushing it in the grass! He never ceases to amaze me.

Okay - now back to the staining story. If we are painting or staining, I am certain we buy an extra gallon for what I will drip and slop all over me. You would think I just fell over and rolled in the stuff. I am a mess by the time we are done, well actually within about the first 30 minutes.

As we were finishing up last night, I was taking the rag and working on wiping off as much as I could from my arms, feet, hands, etc. It was an oil based stain so it isn't coming off easily. After a few moments of trying to get the stains off, I realized some of the stain was going to be there awhile. As I looked down at the spots on my arms and hands, a feeling of complete and utter awe and gratitude came over me.

When Jesus took away my sins and washed me white as snow with His crimson blood, it was immediate. There weren't stains left in varying shades upon my body. He didn't have to wipe me down, scrub me off, repeat and then tell me to wait a few days or weeks for the stain to disappear. His blood was enough to completely and immediately remove all my stains.

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FireWife said...

Great post, Kim. He is so gracious and merciful to us!