Monday, June 1, 2009

Resting - Day 2

Resting and lack of an overloaded calendar has given me a new perspective on some things.

Yesterday - for example, at 7:00 p.m. I was not freaking out about the things I needed to get done before bed when I realized I could easily do them Monday night.

Today - some heavy prayer concerns were brought to my attention. I could genuinely pray about the matters without getting distracted by my own agenda.

When the unexpected errand got thrown into the day - my response was "no problem" instead of "HOW WILL I EVER FIT ANOTHER THING INTO MY SCHEDULE!" mode, which usually results into things spewing off me and onto people I love.

The most difficult thing about resting may just be a renewing of my thought processes. I have (and I know I am not alone here) become so programmed and conditioned into cramming 28 hours of stuff into 8 hours of life. I had to literally rethink things on Sunday in order to enjoy the time I had to relax. That's sad.

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