Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Did You Know?

Was the clerk snippy with you today? Did you know her husband was at home packing his belongings to leave her and their four children?

Was the customer rude with you today? Did you know that he just found out he is losing his job and his wife has cancer?

Did that driver just cut you off? Did you know that if they don't get home in the next 10 minutes they will be beaten?

Did that student show up again without their homework? Did you know last night they witnessed their daddy physically abusing their momma?

Did the librarian not smile at you today? Did you know she considers committing suicide every single day?

Did the waitress mess up your order? Did you know her child is addicted to drugs and she doesn't know where he is tonight?

Did the guy in the fancy car and nice clothes impress you? Did you know he is involved in human trafficking?

Did you think that young girl needs to watch her mouth? Did you know her dad sexually abuses her?

Did the young kid at the store with all the tattoos and piercings annoy you? Did you know he works a full-time job to support himself and goes to church every Sunday to work with the youth group?

Did the woman with too much perfume bother your senses today? Did you know she volunteers her time at the homeless shelter every week?

Did the guy with the bad breath and funny looking teeth catch your attention? Did you know he makes a meager salary and gives any excess he has to the poor?

Did you know? Jesus knew. And Jesus knows you too.


TCKK said...

Did you know, I appreciate the reminder you've given!

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Enjoyed finding your blog. I am loving making new blog friends....

Hope you will stop by and visit me.