Monday, June 29, 2009

Knocking on Wood?

Need to vent a moment. Recently, I have heard more people say the phrase "knock on wood" than I care to count. One person was carrying some boxes and "knock on wood" - he wouldn't drop them. Another was having an outdoor event and "knock on wood" - it wouldn't rain. AHHHHH!

Go ahead - knock on wood. See if it really helps.

I know my family tells me I over-spiritualize too much. But please, in an even exchange for the same number of words you could say "Jesus help me." And He would.

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Sandy said...

I agree. That's not the same, but kind of the same concept tht I was writing about on my blog today, when I wrote about every day miracles. I don't believe I am lucky. I believe I am blessed by God.
Thank you for your blog.