Thursday, October 29, 2009

Big Boxes Little Print

A big (well kind of big) box arrived for me yesterday from VocalPoint. Inside was this:

A free 28-day supply of wrinkle smoothing cream.

I love getting free face cream. However, I am thinking if I am of the age to need something to smooth out wrinkles, the print should be larger than this:

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Anonymous said...

Look on the the big box they sent it in. Maybe they put it on there some where. I think however you may not want to see what is in it anyway because if it works then you find out the main ingredient is beluga whale barf you may have a tough choice. Also i think the directions go something like this, apply on eyes where wrinkles may form or already have formed once daily. Rub in gently and if u get any in the eye cry as much and hard as possible to wash out eye. Hope this helps. Love the Hagg