Friday, October 23, 2009

Enough Blood

I walked into chapel this morning with an already overwhelming sense of my sins that had been forgiven. I desperately needed to attend the chapel service this morning even though I knew I didn't have time to be there. Friday chapel service generally has a sparse attendance due to lack of students on campus. Today was no exception.

As the very moving devotion was read, it depicted the cost of the blood of Christ and in our thirst it is enough for each of us. The tears began to flow down my cheeks instantly. As the service went on, a short video depicting various scenes from the life of Christ was played. Everything from raising the dead to healing the sick to casting out demons to forgiveness of a woman caught in adultery played before our eyes. Without fail, the scene went onto Christ being escorted away to ultimately his crucifixion. More tears on the outside of my cheeks and even more flowing on the inside of my heart.

We were then lead into a time of communion. We were instructed to come forward, take the bread and a cup and then form a circle. I was near the end of the line. As we were getting closer, from the pulpit came the words that someone would need to get more juice - there wasn't enough. I could see that I was not going to get a cup and would have to wait. A horrific thought washed over me - what if Christ's blood hadn't been enough for everyone and all their sins? Oh, I know that it is and it was, but what if you stood in line and as you got to the front you were told Christ didn't have enough blood for you. I reached for the bread and was preparing to take my spot in the circle until the other cups arrived. When I looked down there was one cup left. I must have counted wrong. But then, what about my dear friend Reggie standing behind me. If this scene were real in the spiritual sense and my taking the last cup meant that Reggie wouldn't receive forgiveness of his sins - would I, could I, take it? Another wave of emotion washed over me and through me. The thought of ever standing in line before the Almighty God and being told that there wasn't enough blood for me seared the depths of my soul. Praise God that it is not so. The blood of Christ is more than enough for me and my sins.

At last the additional cups were brought to the front of the chapel. The two gentlemen beside me took their cups and then the young man in front of me reached over to take his. I hadn't realized that he had passed up his opportunity so that I might have a cup. Do I truly know the cost of sacrifice? Yes, it was just a cup of juice in a small chapel service. But perhaps it would serve us all to occasionally remember the depth and breadth of the sins in our own life that Christ's blood covered and then to meditate on the immeasurable power and greatness of His Blood - because there is enough.


Patricia said...

Powerful post. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Amen sister, Amen