Saturday, May 9, 2009

Anybody else?

Have you ever gone to church and were just utterly convinced you were the only one who had problems? Or maybe your season of grievous sin is behind you, but somehow you are sure you might be the only one who hasn't lived a perfect life? Me too. I grew up in a church where no one had any problems. I was thoroughly convinced the only 'sinner' in the church was me. And I was only 9. At 23 - I sought the grace and guidance of another church only to discover that the 'plastic people' lived there too. At 43 - I find myself sometimes still wondering if I am the only one whose repentant heart had so much to repent of over the course of my life. The closer I get to God - the more I feel like I need to confess. If I know the truth of God's Word and the lies that satan wants me to get caught up in and I still feel this way from time to time, I have to wonder how many people outside of the church find themselves living in the shadow of the perfect plastic people. People need to know Christians hurt, bleed and mess up and that God forgives, loves and heals.

So who will you be real with today? People need to see the grace of Christ lived out in our lives.

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Jeanette said...

I'm with ya. Personal testimonies have a powerful way of reaching people. Yet many of us are too afraid to be vulnerable and display our shame for all to see. The focus shouldn't be on our mistakes, but on the healing and forgiveness that we have received through God's grace. Our life lessons could be used to help keep someone else from repeating our mistakes! Or even to give them hope, if they are in the midst of a struggle we have already overcome.

Your post made me think of the song Stained-Glass Masquerade (also by Casting Crowns). It always reminds me to be real...