Thursday, May 21, 2009

A Little Respect Please

There I am sitting in the same room with this nice young lady when she looks straight at me and says the "B" word. Did she have no respect at all? Did she not wonder how I might feel? Did it not occur to her that maybe I would have some sort of reaction to her words? No. It came off the tip of her tongue as though she said it several times a day. There was nothing that even led into it that might cause me to think it was coming.

Bifocal. She said "bifocal" as though it was perfectly normal. Barely my daughter's age and now she is my eye doctor.

Did it not occur to her that I was already pondering such things as: "maybe I need more calcium" and "who knew your skin has less elasticity after 40"? Did she not wonder if maybe I was already in a funk over a slowing down metabolism. Mercy - have some mercy and sensitivity before you go throwing around such strong words!

If I'm going to get dumped into a category of age that is now considered "getting older", then let's have some respect for our elders please.

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Beth H said...

Hilarious, Kim! I feel your pain because I am in that same age-place! Give that girl 20 years and we'll see if she reconsiders throwing such words around!