Thursday, May 28, 2009

Sometimes I Forget

Sometimes I forget the magnitude of God's power and goodness and so he reminds me. Whenever I find myself focusing on the trivial, God sends a variety of people to me. Today it was a gentleman I know from Cambodia. He and his family will soon be heading to California to start a church for Cambodians and others. As soon as I saw him I was reminded of the most amazing testimony of God's faithfulness that he shared with me not too long ago. I pray I don't mess it up too bad in the translation.

A few months ago he had gone to California to meet with the pastor or others who would be helping him get started with the church. While he is there they tell him he needs to find a place for he and his family to live and that they need it to be free of charge. Okay - recap. Man from Cambodia knows no one in that part of California and he is to find a place to live for free for he and his wife and children near the church.

He leaves the church and begins to walk around the block or blocks numerous times just praying to God. He is asking God what he is to do. Not long after - he calls his uncle, who is not from California, and tells him the situation. The uncle then says didn't you know you have an auntie that lives there somewhere. He says "An auntie? I didn't know I had an auntie." His uncle gives him the number and he calls her. He introduces himself for the first time to her and she gives him her address. As God would have it - right near the church. He goes to visit her for the first time in his life and she offers he and his family a place to stay for free as long as they need.

She doesn't know Jesus yet. She is a buddhist. I have a feeling she is going to know Jesus soon.

May it be recorded for you oh Lord of your faithfulness and honor - lest we forget.


TCKK said...

Wow!! Isn't God awesome!!!!

Wendy said...

I love how God intertwines our lives and has us on unknown assignments in life! He surprises me daily!
~ Wendy

Siesta OC said...

The wagons are already on there way before we see them in the distance.

Praise God!

Anonymous said...

I got chills from that. How AMAZING is our God!!! Susan