Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Happy Birthday Justin Morgan!

To my son,

Today is your 21st birthday. Happy Birthday! It is a time to celebrate and be thankful for all that God has given me in you. It is also a time when I think about how quickly the time went - way too fast. You have given me many, many amazing and precious memories:

- A little baby who held his bottle with his feet and his hands
- A little boy who quickly pulled his backpack over his face when I wanted to kiss him goodbye in kindergarten
- A little boy who loved to go bowling
- A little boy (and young man) who loved chocolate pie
- A little boy who loved to go to work with his dad to change water (and ride the 4-wheeler)
- Practicing your spelling words - standing on your head
-A young boy who left his wet, muddy clothes in the trash bag in his dresser - causing us to ask for months "what's that smell?"
- A young boy/man who could play Scattegories better than anyone I know
-A young boy/man who thinks outside the box and has a very creative mind
- A young boy/man who has a heart and compassion for animals
- A teenager who inherited the nickname "Bob" and it is still sticking with him
- A young man who went to Mexico to witness and share his faith
- A young man who cried at his sister's wedding because he loves her so much
- A young man who has so much potential in life

There are so many more memories, but I am sure you would appreciate my not putting them out for the public to see. Today you are an 'adult' by the world's standards, but you will always be my child - my son. I respect you and love you and cherish you. Thank you for making me think outside the box and for challenging me to know what I stand for and why. Thank you for making me laugh. Thank you for being my son - I love you.

Heavenly Father, thank you for the gift of Justin. Thank you for who is and who he is becoming. Thank you for his life, for his health, for his sound and creative mind. Thank you for watching over him when I can't. Thank you for loving him unconditionally and for your grace, mercy and protection that covers him everyday. Thank you for a son. Thank you for the calling on his life. May Justin find favor with God and man as he goes through this earthly life. May Justin remember all the great and precious promises that you have just for him. May each day he know how much he is loved and how much he means to us and to you. Thank you Lord for creating him and giving him to us. In Jesus Name, Amen

Justin - I love you unconditionally and thank God for you every single day. Happy Birthday!


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Cole said...

aww, happy happy birthday Justin! I pray many blessings and much love in the year to come for you and yours...may our most loving Father grant you, in abundance, His greatest dreams for your life!

Nicole Anderson