Wednesday, February 3, 2010

What's with PB&J?

Within 48 hours: our daughter had given birth to our first grandchild, my husband preached his first sermon (twice) and my husband, our son and I all had the stomach flu. Seriously do not know how much more we could have crammed into that time frame. On top of that, after literally crawling off the floor and out of bed on Monday, I had to finish preparing for the first night of our new Tuesday night women's bible study.

Feeling spiritually, physically and emotionally spent - there just wasn't much left to offer in the way of domestic skills this week. Want to make something with items from the fridge? Well whatever you can make from the butter and milk, please have at it.

By the time Tuesday morning rolled around choices to pack for lunch and supper were not looking so good. Not to mention the fear of eating anything that might cause the stomach flu to revisit. So I did what every respectable woman would do, I grabbed the PB&J sandwich that was actually leftover from husband's untouched lunch the day before and threw it in my bag before heading out the door for work.

Here's the catch, I have never eaten a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in my entire life. Not one single bite. Made 'em, served 'em, packed 'em in plenty of lunches, but never ate one. I made it through the day at work without getting sick again and decided that I would enjoy this first time delicacy on my way to the camp for bible study. After all, I am now Nana and how could I tell our grandson Simon that I don't eat PB&J. Pulled it from the lunch bag, gently (not really) unwrapped it, took the first bite and waited for the revelation that so many others have had. Thud. Nothing exciting. It was boring. Yeah, PB&J is boring. What is all the fuss about? Is there a proper way to make them and I don't know how? Can you ruin a PB&J sandwich? Should I have used strawberry jam instead of grape? Seriously.


Ethan said...

Maybe you just have to grow up with them, and half the taste is sentimental.

People in Australia looove Vegemite, which tastes like tar. They all say they grew up with it and love it. They think PB & J is boring or gross too.

I don't know, but I love em!

Gigi said...

Oh...please don't get me started on PB&Js. But yes, strawberry over grape. Definitely. And the brand of peanut butter really does matter.