Saturday, February 6, 2010

Pioneer Woman to the Rescue

I absolutely love taking care of my family and my home. I may not win an award for interior design and I will not be appearing on the Food Network any time soon, but I really do enjoy all the aspects of homemaking. (That includes cleaning) But lately, I have found myself in a "no idea what to cook for dinner" rut. Our cupboards and freezer are overflowing, but my mind is empty on ideas. And then God sent the Pioneer Woman to my rescue.

First, may I point out that her recipes are like a picture book with step-by-step instructions. Gotta love that. So I figure there is a good chance I will get something similar to what she is making in the end as long as I stick to things like salsa, bbq meatballs and crash-hot potatoes. The salsa will be a great date-night snack for my husband and I. The bbq meatballs and potatoes will be fantastic some night next week.

Next week our small group will start meeting again after a way-too-long break and I really want to try some new stuff out on them. They are fabulous like that - they won't complain, so long as it is edible.

I have got to get back to bible study stuff, but had to share the Pioneer Woman in case anyone else was feelin' the need to be rescued in the kitchen.

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