Saturday, February 20, 2010

Called to Belong vs. Taxes

Hmmm. You tell me which you would prefer:

A. Preparing figures and calculations for annual business and personal tax returns


B. Watching Called to Belong video (pics will help you get the idea)

So why am I doing taxes???????


Jewda said...

It's one of two reasons. Either you are planning to get a return, or you like paying the government large sums of money after a year of paying them small sums every week. Which is it?

Tanya said...

Knowing that the awesome presence of God was felt at each practice for Called to Belong and then at the performance was like experiencing a small piece of what heaven must be like! You just can't get enough and don't want to leave!
Taxes ~ not in Heaven ~ yeah!
Called to Belong~ a piece of Heaven on earth!~ priceless

Anonymous said...

That was such an amazing event. The Spirit of God filled that place more than I had ever experienced. It was so amazing to me to look out and see so many people truly worshipping our Awesome God! Thank you so much for that! Susan V.