Monday, January 18, 2010

Waiting on a baby

I have two children, so you would think that I would already have some understanding of what it means to wait with great expectancy on the birth of a child. But I have never had a grandchild, I have never had one of my children expecting a baby, so all of this is new. All of this is so very exciting.

Our daughter's due date is January 23rd. Suddenly I find that every decision I am making is based on the anticipated arrival of this little one. The car may need some work done. The dilemma: Can it wait until after the baby arrives or should we get it done asap in case we need two vehicles when the baby arrives? I am supposed to have a root canal and I am trying to schedule it around the delivery of the baby. Our next women's bible study starts in 2 weeks, so how far ahead should I prepare? Have all the bills been paid, is the laundry done, is the house clean? For cryin' out loud - you would think I was having the baby! I don't know if you can nest vicariously, but I feel like I am having full-blown nesting syndrome for my daughter. I just pray I do not have labor pains for her.

In but a breath, this little one will forever change our lives. I will instantly go from being a wife and mom, to the added title of grandma or nanna or whatever name the child chooses. A generation will be added to our family. There will be more birthdays on the calendar to celebrate and more stockings hung at Christmas. There will be more memories, more pictures, more laughter, and more prayers.

Little one, we anxiously await your arrival. We have been praying for you before you were conceived. We have been praying for you daily and many others have lifted you to the throne room of heaven seeking God's blessing and grace upon you. We don't know if you are a boy or a girl, but God has wonderfully made you and knitted you together in your mommy's womb. I pray that God will fill you with a desire for the things of God from the moment you have your first thought. I pray that your life is full of joy and laughter. I pray that you will pursue God all the days of your life and that you will serve Him and love Him well. I pray that you will always honor your daddy and your mommy. May you love others as Christ has commanded. May you receive the richest of blessings that God has to offer and may you use them all to the glory of your Maker. You have already consumed our thoughts and filled our hearts with love for you. Until I see you and hold you, may you know that you have been cherished and wanted and loved unconditionally all the days of your life. Waiting for your arrival with great anticipation -I love you, Nanna


Sandy said...

This is beautiful! Thank you for sharing.
My husband and I didn't think we were ready to be grandparents 3 and a half years ago, but now we wouldn't trade it for anything!

Gigi said...

What a wonderful welcoming post to your already cherished grandchild! I can remember feeling the tingly anticipation when our daughter was expecting her first...such a great love!