Monday, January 25, 2010

So "What is God doing in your life?"

I totally amaze myself and how I can go down a twisted path of thinking that is all in my head. Let's back track. I am walking down the hall at work. I see a co-worker who has been serving overseas for the last year. I immediately think "He's going to ask me 'what has God been doing in my life?' " I translate that in my own head to mean: "So what amazing and spectacular things has God called you to do?". Again, the only person talking is the voice in my head. I now want to avoid this person because I don't want to have this conversation with them. Whew.

I am stressed over an imaginary conversation that never took place. So, why? Because I have felt for quite some time like God has me on hold and isn't working a whole lot in my life right now. (I am not looking for rebuttal - this is a confession.) Somehow I have come to equate God working in my life with: future projects, future retreats, future plans and visions and excitement. Busyness.

For the last 7 hours I have been mulling this over in my head. I venture to guess that there are others out there who have had some similar thoughts. As the last few dishes were going in the dishwasher, God reminded me of what I am doing and what He has called me to do:

Bake brownies for the men's group that meets at our house on Tuesday night
Pray for a group of young women all expecting their first child (one of them is my daughter!)
Pray for some people going through a difficult time with cancer right now
Pray for a group of women that I will be meeting with for bible study on Tuesday nights
Minister to a wonderful group of women on Tuesday nights
Pray for and minister to my husband who is about to preach his first sermon on Sunday
Pray for some young men that are far from God and need to turn back
Pray for someone who is facing criminal charges
Build some relationships with the clerks of the local stores so that I can share Jesus with them
And that list goes on.

I don't say these things for any reason other than to bring glory to God and to remind others that God asks us to do things all the time. It is our interpretation and imagination that can mess up how we perceive this and what we do with it. Too often I minimize the tasks that God has given me.

So what is God doing in your life?

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