Sunday, January 10, 2010


Do you ever have anxiety? Sometimes I do. I don't suffer from full-blown panic or anxiety attacks and I am very thankful. But occasionally, there is this anxiousness that just wants to wash over me. Unfortunately, I can't explain why. I will just feel it coming over me without warning and without any discernible reason. Case in point, just took a nap, woke up and there it was lurking over me.

If you have never suffered an unexplained anxious thought or episode, I can't explain it to you. It just happens. When I was little they gave me little green pills to take care of it. However, I couldn't swallow pills, so the cure for the anxiety only increased it. I was 8. I'm not really sure why I stopped taking them or why the anxious thoughts went away, but they did. Maybe it was Jesus. That was about the same age I started going to church camp, which to this day I swear changed my entire life. Another blog for another time.

Anyway, memorizing scripture and prayer have been the greatest relief for me when it comes to the anxiousness. When the anxiety starts welling up in me, I either start focusing all my thoughts and attention on God and prayer or I start reciting scriptures in my head. Sometimes I have to say the same scripture over and over and over again until I feel it pass. I don't necessarily have a specific scripture that I use or one that is necessarily relevant to the anxiety I am feeling. Any scripture that comes to mind seems to work for me.

I'm not really even sure why I am sharing any of this. But I recently read on Anne Jackson's blog that the best way to blog is to be yourself and to let people see the real you. I do know that sometimes when you talk about the things that the enemy uses to hold you back and tie you down - it tends to set you and others free. Hopefully someone will take something from this and know they aren't alone.

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Tammy@If Meadows Speak... said...

A lovely post and such risk! I'm truly blessed to be able to share this moment with you with your openeness. I'll make my confession here:

Fear: gripping, paralyzing, overwhelming, waves. This was something I dealt with as a child, at night. When alone after all others fell asleep, it would creep in and creepy it was. Now after coming back to the Lord (as an adult), I enjoy this time of night. It's now been turned for His glory. Where the enemy reigned, replaced where His reign.