Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I Talk to Myself

Surprise, surprise, surprise. I talk to myself. My family has begun to just accept it. And I have stopped trying to stop. I think being an only child for 6 years was the beginning of a life destined to be filled with talking to myself. We were taught way back then to use our imagination. So I did. Apparently I just didn't have anyone to share it with.

So somehow it isn't a surprise that the next women's bible study we will be doing is Me, Myself and Lies, by Jennifer Rothschild. The back of the workbook says "Ever wonder what you should say when you talk to yourself?" I know what I say - but perhaps what I say and what I should say are two completely different things.

To add to the draw was the subtitle: "A thought closet makeover". My personal closet needs a radical makeover and just this week I seriously asked God to make me more fashion savvy than I am. It might sound shallow, but sometimes a girl needs a bit of help. I have kept way too many old clothes in my closet just so it looks like I have a lot. Sad, but true. And truth is, I have kept way too many thoughts about myself that also needed to go out in the trash with the 1980's fashions I still own. (You just never know when you will need that homecoming sweater!)

Sometimes we hold on to thoughts and things that people said to us 20 or 30 years ago (okay Jeanette and Susan - 10 years ago) and we find them resurfacing from time to time. Just this week my husband said the most innocent thing and out of nowhere it brought back something that was said to me as a young girl that still affects me to this day. I just don't generally think about it. But apparently I need to clean it out of my thought closet because it doesn't belong in my life any longer.

So, February 2nd - our women's bible study will kick back up. I have a feeling that God has something incredible and totally unexpected in this study. Can't wait to see how it fits! Can't wait to see how I talk to myself after this!


Jeanette said...

Essentially having grown up as an only child, I talk to myself quite a bit too! Once I understood that praying was simply "talking to God" the transition was easy...now I talk God's ear off and feel less crazy. Still have to work on the being still and listening part though :) Looking forward to the study and the fellowship. See you there!

Gigi said...

Nice! Sounds like a great study!

Renee said...

I am so excited to find out the topic of the study. It seems God is lovingly hammering on me from all directions about my thought life. Especially the old stuff I am dragging around. I can hardly wait to start.

Anonymous said...

Kim, I am looking forward to this study. Growing up I had lots of siblings to talk to so I don't talk to myself as much I guess. I do agree with Jeanette about being still and listening. I make myself way too busy to stop and see what God has done in my life and all the things He has done for us. Thank you for all your time and effort to help God's kingdom. You are an amazing mentor and friend. Love you , Susan