Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Heading Here

I have owned this for two years and I think I have even proclaimed on this blog that I was doing this devotional only to stop after day 1 (which was actually day 5 of the devotional because I can't count!). Anyway, this is just one of the places I am heading in the next few days and weeks. Well, if I am counting correctly this time, for the next 90 days I will be in this study. And I am very excited.

I am one of those people who owns lots and lots of books that I have never read. But God always seems to know just what I need, when I need it and this was no exception. How amazing and timely that today's scripture was on the birth of Christ from the book of Luke. But even more amazing was the little piece of pink paper that fell out of the front of the book. Two scripture references, handwritten but not by anyone's handwriting that I recognize. Both verses were unfamiliar to me just by the citation. Looked them both up and knew instantly that they were for me in this season on this day. It wasn't a mistake. That little piece of paper was like a confirmation from God that I was in the right place, at the right time and that He and I were going to have a good time getting to know one another better. Okay - he knows everything about me, but I have much to learn. And, well, if there is much work to be done, it might not all be fun. So it is with God and I wouldn't trade a single moment of my journey with him or in pursuit of Him.

May it be 90 days to the glory of Jesus!


Jenilee said...

I haven't done that beth moore study but I have loved the ones I have finished! I'm sure it will be challenging and inspiring. :)

Gigi said...

I have that same study...have had it sitting on my dresser for over a year now - waiting. I am waiting for that little whisper to begin...