Thursday, September 10, 2009

Worth it All

I know that blog posts about one's spouse aren't always a favorite topic of anyone reading them - but I cannot help myself tonight. In two weeks we will have been married for 24 years and we have been together, counting dating years, for 27 years. Without question I love him now more than ever and the romance is better than ever.

I had been gone all day and my man was going to be gone all night. But when I got home, there were notes - everywhere. He knows me so well . . . . first the note in the bathroom because he knows it will be the first place I go when I walk in the door. Next was the note on the computer keyboard, the coffee pot and in the fridge. He knew instinctively after all this time the exact places I would go when I got home. And he loves me enough to let me know he knows.

There is an extreme amount of comfort in knowing that he knows me that well and that he cares about me that much. We may not have gotten the marriage thing right for a lot of years - but let me tell ya - we are making up for lost time and it is a blessing beyond description!

Praying blessings all over my man as he does what God has called him to do!!! Preach it baby.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Sister! You are without out doubt one awesome woman and blessed with a great husband. It is such a pleasure to see the joy you and Kenny share in your marriage. The amazing thing is that it shines right through into the rest of your life. I have never seen you glow the way you do now. I've always thought of you as a great woman of God and a happy person I loved sharing small group with, but you have blown me away with what I see in you now. God has moved through you and Kenny's life in an amazing way and challenged the two of you to get close. When that happens we can either get closer or drive each other away. You two have chosen to get closer and man does it show. I love you guys like family and I would bear your armor as well Mighty Sister of God! Love Hagg