Saturday, September 5, 2009


I love Fall. Although it technically isn't fall yet - this morning feels like it. The coolness of the morning. The quiet. The leaves just slightly starting to turn color. A hint of dew on the ground. Without question Fall is my favorite season. It is the perfect time for all my favorite clothes - blue jeans, flip-flops, sweaters and sweatshirts. Cool nights are the absolute best snuggle weather. No air conditioner. No furnace. Just open windows and blankets. Baking with ingredients that leave your house smelling fabulous - pumpkin, cinnamon, apple - ooooooh. Mums, pumpkins - vibrant colors. If I could capture this season and just have it year round - I would.

I pray that this season brings you much joy. May you find yourself closer to God and seeking Him more!

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