Monday, February 23, 2009

Fast Food or Fine Dining

This past Sunday at church a young girl made a random comment to me that I can't get out of my head. "I read your blog". That was it. Nothing profound. But it has stirred in my soul ever since. Is my blog worth reading? Do I offer something to chew on or just fill more web space with hot-air? I want this blog to be food for thought and something that makes people hungry for more of God.

Tonight I kept thinking about how many people aren't digging into the Word of God and we think they are disinterested. I'm not so sure. I think they have just gotten used to 'fast food' and have never been invited to the fine dining at the Master's table. The few times I have gone to a fancy restaurant there was a little fear that I would totally blow it and use the wrong fork or the wrong plate or knock over my glass of water and make a fool of myself. Fine dining also costs money. Fine dining would mean that I would need to sacrifice something else in my life to enjoy a fabulous, exquisitely prepared dinner. I can remember every detail of the last fine dining meal I had. I can't tell you anything about the last drive-thru I went through.

If I go someplace fancy to eat, I want to go with someone who will show me the way and not leave me feeling like a fool for not knowing what to say or do. I have to wonder if that isn't the case with Christians - particularly new believers or people who are younger. It isn't that they aren't hungry. They are just waiting for someone who has already experienced the fine dining to take the time to show them how amazing God's Word is. You know to show them how to savor it and take it all in. Someone to show them how to use the utensils to cut the Word apart and get the most out of it. Fine dining with the Master will cost us something. It will cost us time to start with. If we are really dining with the Master, it will keep costing us something because He will keep inviting us back and take us to places we never expected to go. Dining with Jesus is an experience we will never forget. It is worth the cost.

Jesus has already prepared the table. I just need to invite someone to dinner.


Susan V. said...

Kim, you have invited many of us to dinner. Your Bible studies are amazing. Tonight in fact, was one of the best ones I have been to. I got on you & Kenny's website and what di I see? Kenny's blog about fear. God is all around us, feeding us a marvelous feast. Thank you so much for who you are and more importantly the woman God is loving so much. Love ya, Susan V

Vicki said...

Wow - how true your words are. I agree wholeheartedly with Susan, you make every woman you come in contact with feel like SHE is the guest of honor at a feast provided just for her.

Your hunger for the Word is absolutely contagious. Anyone in the room with you anxiously awaits the buffet, in part, because you assure them in advance how wonderful it will be.

I pray that I can be half as enthusiastic, honest, transparent, and encouraging as you are to so many. You will never know how thankful I (and so many others) am to have been invited to the table. You are a wonderful hostess on behalf of THE most wonderful Host.

AnooCre8ion said...

Hi Kim, I followed your blog from over at Lysa TerKeurst. I love the fact that you have an awesome hunger and thirst for the Word.

His word is my absolute delight and I am drawn to those who have the same desire for it.

Your post is a great one using the comparison of fast food to fine dining.

We need God's word so much. I am just about to launch a ministry in my hometown that's dedicated to bringing a focus back to the word of God.

Thank you for sharing.


AnooCre8ion said...

Hi Kim, sorry I made a mistake before, I had just read Lysa's blog and then I went over to LPM which is where I followed you.


Hagg said...

Kim, Your blogs are great and you serve God greatly by recording your thoughts heart and passion on the internet. It is time that we as sons and daughters of the Most
High begin to use this great resource,the internet, to fight the battle against the evil one. He has used it to ruin many peoples lives.
I watched I AM LEGEND again last night and was reminded of a profound thought from Bob Marley. The lead actor shares a story of how Bob wanted to bring light to a dark world. How the dark world tried to stop him from performing and they shot him one night before a concert. Bob Marley showed up at the concert in spite of this and when asked why after being shot at he came anyway. Bob said that the world was getting dark and those people who are making it that way aren't taking a day off so to bring light to this world I can't take a day off either. Keep posting and more people will be led here.

Now as far as feasting on the word. I agree with Susan and Vicki wholeheartedly. God has used you as a hostess to many women and men. Sometimes I think you are probably more like the guy or gal standing in front of those food places holding the cardboard sign inviting people in. Only you aren't standing in front of the Little Ceasers you are standing in front of the entrance to Gods House. Inviting all people in to the chambers that lead to that closer and deeper relationship with God. You know how special Kenny has been as a mentor and a best friend in my life. You Kim have played a huge role as a mentor in my life as well. From the way you and Kenny have grown and model the growth in your marriage, I am watching. To countless views on scripture, study habits, the many verses that God has led you to and spoke to you through, and just your sincere love for the Lord your God. I am listening.

Kim I agree with your views on feasting. As a man who has been walking in various ways with Jesus for 6 very quick years. I have learned just the things you are talking about. When I first picked up God's word and began to read it I went through many emotions. First I was confused, I'd cry, I'd get scared, I'd wonder how is God speaking to me through this, and I would get frustrated and put it down. Then as I grew in a church community people would offer advice. Some would help some I wouldn't hear but it all helped. God has worked on my heart and my mind over the years and the Word has truly become food for me. I have become a person who loves to journal as he reads. I am on a personal crusade to let everyone who talks to me about the word know to journal it. The growth and insight that I receive when I journal is amazing and very rewarding. I do feel that we all learn to feast on the word in different ways our whole life. Maybe really digging in one way for a season and then we are lead to an entirely new and fresh way to feast. God has invited us in to be his hands and feet. The things we say and do, the words of encouragement and the new insights we lend to those around us are important. Keep sharing and feasting. God expects it from you and I know Gods people need encouragement. To hear the ways He has used to grow you so that others may grow from your learned ways. Love you Sister. Hagg

Tanya said...

Oh my Dear Kim you open the doors to very fine dining every week to many ladies at Bible study and online through your blog. God has used you as a very fine vessel to present a smorgasbord of HIS word. Each week you invite many to Feast and drink upon HIS word and He presents Himself in a very real and powerfull way! I praise God that you are obedient to HIS Call and that I can call you friend and Sister in Christ! Love YA! Your Sister Freak! Tanya