Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Upside the Head

Every so often God will just smack me 'upside the head'. Happened this week - yesterday to be exact. I cannot for the life of me remember who I was talking to, so I pray that it wasn't just a random conversation with myself. (How embarrassing!) Anyway, God's message came through loud and clear.

In the last couple of days, God has been showing his grace and mercy to me in very some obvious ways. I am seeing Him working so clearly in my life right now. That's when I said to someone (again, I hope not myself) that "God has really been working lately". SMACK! God works all the time - not just when I see or sense movement from Him. In fact, I had to wonder today if the reality is that when we don't feel or see God moving is exactly when He is most at work.

Again this morning I was thanking God for some very specific and timely answers to prayer that I had seen. I thanked Him for how He was working in our lives. SMACK! Didn't get the point yesterday, so God had to give it to me again today. Today's lesson: I need to express my gratitude and thanks to God everyday for all that He is doing in my life. It doesn't matter if I see it or sense it or think He forgot to check my prayer requests. If I feel His presence strongly or I don't feel it at all, He is just as much a part of my life and working and interceding on my behalf.

"I will never leave you nor forsake you."- God (Joshua 1:5 NIV)

Oh Lord, thank you for life lessons. Thank you for listening and for caring enough to bring things to my attention. Thank you for making me teachable and for being my Teacher.

Humbly His,

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Tanya said...

Amen Sister! He truly never leaves or forsakes us. I read something recently that really hit home. It said we either choose to be walking towards him or AWAY! So your message made me think that if I remember to always praise him in the big or the small things, to let it be His timing not mine, pray to him seeking his advice and will for my life then I will hear his voice. Then if I listen His Will will be done! I so desire to have Him always with me and not to be walking away from Him!