Saturday, January 3, 2009

Pass the Peace

The last Christmas meal is over. There are still dishes in the sink that may just have to wait until morning to find their way to the dishwasher. My social and hospitality tanks are running low. The only thing I really long to have passed to me at the table right now is a huge helping of peace. Anybody else out there just looking for a moment of solitude with the Prince of Peace?

In this fast paced world in which we live, we are offered a buffet of opportunities to keep ourselves busy and occupied. There is an abundance of entertainment choices for our minds and eyes. No sooner do you stop doing something, than there is a commercial, a cell phone, an ipod, a website that is available for you to clench your teeth into to feed your mind and soul. It is as though we might shrivel up and cease to exist if we stop long enough to be still. Contrary to what the enemy wants us to believe, our minds will be just fine if we stop for a moment and aren't finding new and creative ways to fill it up with whatever is in front of us. We wonder why we don't have peace and yet we don't stop long enough to let it rest on us. Keep moving, keep busy, keep talking, keep doing something - anything.

I love people. I love to be busy and to be productive. I love life and I love a full life. But I'm full enough of all that has been passed around the table for the last few days. I am just fine with sitting at the table prepared for me by my Savior and taking in whatever he wants to offer me. I could go for some one-on-one conversation with my Lord. I could go for someone passing me some peace and a double portion would be just fine.

Hungry for Him alone


Tanya said...

My Dear Sister my New Year Prayer for you is that the peace of God which surpases all understanding will guard you heart and mind through Christ Jesus Phil 4:7 and for him to give you just the amount of Peace you need!

Sandy said...

Great post - if I don't start off my day in peace and quiet time, it seems my whole day gets off track. We all need rejuvination, esp. after the holidays!
Great post Kim!