Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Alone with Jesus

For the second week in a row our women's bible study has been canceled due to weather. I am disappointed to say the least. I absolutely love studying the Word of God with these women and the fact that we are starting a new study on Esther thrills me even more.

My type-A personality would demand that I come home and do something. My husband is in the living room now with a group of men for a bible study. So certainly I should do something productive with my time. We have a women's retreat coming up in 6 weeks. I have several notes I need to write and send. I need to work on devotionals. I have more than one bible study sitting by my bed that could use my attention. Not to mention, more than one book that needs to be read and another stack that I need to study for the retreat. On top of that there is still a room in the basement that needs some straightening up.

But you know what I want to do? What I really want to do. I want to sit down on the floor with my bible, a pen, a hi-liter, a cup of coffee and my notecards. I want to dig into the Word. Today God just kept giving me "Isaiah 46". I very flippantly thought that was the part in Isaiah that talks about waiting and so I began a blog in my head about being strengthened as we wait on the Lord. Not the right scripture. So I will 'wait' for that one until another day.

The lists will have to wait. The to-dos and the wannas are going to have to be put off until tomorrow. Tonight I am going to be Alone with Jesus. Just me and my Savior. I'm not sure what He wants to show me in Isaiah 46. I will never know if I don't stop and spend some time there. So coffee, pen, notecards, hi-liter and bible in hand - I head to the floor to sit with the Lord.

Lord, teach me. Make me teachable. Still my thoughts long enough to hear you. I want to know you not just know about you. I want you to fill my heart, my mind and my soul. I want to learn about who you are. So Rabbi, teach me. Your humble student and cherished child - Kim

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