Sunday, September 19, 2010

What's for Dinner?

I have been in an absolute slump lately as to what to cook for dinner. Tonight was no different. On top of that, I needed to cook something that would yield some leftovers for tomorrow night. When all else fails, cheeseburgers and french fries will work just fine. I had hamburgers already in the freezer that were in patty form from a previous meal I had prepared for. So this was going to be simple. Homemade fries and burgers on the grill.

Thawed the hamburgers. Heated the oil for the fries. Grabbed the matches to light the grill. We have a gas grill, but the starter quit working and so you need to use a match. Turned on the propane tank, turned the first knob on the grill, lit the match and threw it in. Turned the three other knobs to "on". Then checked to make sure that everything was lit properly. Hmmm - what is that in the corner of the grill? A pile of grass? Why would my husband or son put a handful of grass in the corner of the grill? Were they trying to startle me in some way that they would find funny? Were they just being lazy and threw it in the corner of the grill instead of the trash? I leaned in a bit to see what it was or what it smelled like? After all I had already reasoned it was not a bird's nest due to the location in the grill. So what could it be?

Then it happened. Not something I could have ever imagined and nothing that my husband or son could have set up to make me scream. There they were popping out of the top of the grill - baby mice! Now lest you think that I should have rescued them, I am a country girl through and through and mice are not something you rescue. You will have to visit another blog to find that.

I am still trying to overcome the sight of mice popping up out of my grill and running off the deck. If you are wondering did I still cook the burgers on the grill? Are you kidding me! - Frying pans work just fine.


snyderpartyof5 said...

OH my goodness! That totally sounds like something that would happen to me! lol I have been in a cooking slump too and have decided to incorporate two weeks worth of NEW recipes to see if I can find any new faves! And by the way...I'm recommitting to my blog! lol I'm off to post right now! :)

Gigi said... would've been the inside grill pan for me too after that! (But I confess - I'd have done mice rescue work! I'm a softie...)

Vicki said...

Sorry 'bout your scream, but what a wonderful chuckle to start my week!
"My" mice this weekend had set up housekeeping in a styrofoam cooler in the garage...the very one I was going to put all of my meat in from the freezer that was beeping at me that something was wrong with it. Ummmm, no - I did not unload my freezer into the mouse-inhabited cooler. Meat moved to refrigerator freezers and mice probably still in the garage, living in the cooler, after recovering from my previous unceremonious invasion of their little abode. Sometimes you just have to "live and let live."

Beth H said...

Hahaha! Great story Kim! That will be an image hard to erase...