Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Bare Hair Facts

After 40 some years of having people comment on my hair and give me their advice on how to do it, usually unsolicited advice I might add, I thought I would clarify a few things. I have had naturally curly hair my whole life. I expect I always will. It is thick. It doesn't want to be straight even if you use a flat iron. Thick, naturally curly hair tends to sometimes be big hair. That is just the way it is. Yes, I use inordinate amounts of styling foam and hairspray. Someone today suggested that the color I use for my hair was a good choice. That's good, because I don't color my hair.

Sometimes there are little clips in my hair - I know they are there. They keep my hair from sticking out in randomness and poking someone's eye out. The alternative is also that I will look like a unicorn if there isn't one in the top of my hair while I am growing it out.

My hairdresser just quit this week and now I will have to travel one hour each way to get my hair cut. That stinks. But it will be worth it. I have a theory. If you don't have naturally curly hair, you probably don't know how to cut naturally curly hair. She has naturally curly hair. My friends with straight hair want to give me great advice on how to style my hair. Let me explain further.

I had two deep wounding hair days in my life that still effect me. The first was when my grandma was watching me while my mom was having my brother. She put those little pink foam curlers in my hair - one side curled above my ear, the other side not so much. At the age of 6, this was not good. I also had a lady once give me exactly two layers in my hair. Hmmm - a mullet with the bowl cut look on top is the best way I could describe that one.

All through school I wanted to have haircuts like Dorothy Hamill:

And Toni Tenille:

I also thought any one of the Charlie's Angels haircuts would be just fine. But here's the deal, I still had curly hair. You just don't pull one of those styles off with this hair.

I'm okay with my curly hair. What I spend on styling foam, still doesn't add up to the price of a perm. I had one of those once too - another bad idea.


Jenilee said...

oh, curly hair! I had curly (fuzzy) hair growing up and I've tried so many hairstyles! moving around means you are always going to a new stylist... not good. My hair straightened some and then got super curly again after I had Abby... I did a post about my hair styles once too. always fun to look back, right? :)

Gigi said...

It's good that you embrace who you are, my friend, for He knows and loves every hair on your head, curly or not!!

Jennifer said...

I completely agree that only a hairstylist with naturally curly hair can cut naturally curly hair. There are probably some exceptions, but I would definitely prefer someone with curly hair to cut my hair. They get it. I have had some horrible haircuts myself... (all at the hand of a stylist with straight hair i might add) including the "layered" cut that turned out looking like a bowl cut & mullet!!!

Jeanette said...

For the record, I like your hair. And it's nice to know there's someone else that doesn't color...we're a rare breed these days :)