Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thankful to have come "thus far"

It's quiet (for now) at our house after three days of God filling my soul in the most blessed ways. Thanksgiving dinner with my parents, my brother and his wife and my nephews, Kenny & I, Jillian & Shane & Justin. We filled our stomachs beyond capacity and loaded up to go to Kenny's side of the family. Spent time with his parents, his siblings and their spouses and then headed home.

With busy and opposite schedules, we don't get a lot of alone, quality time with our son. He might live with us, but that doesn't mean we see each other much! Had the absolute best time with him on the way to both of the Thanksgiving dinners. Laughed hard. And then laughed some more. Had good conversation and great memories made. It made this momma's heart beat with joy.

Working in retail meant that Justin was out the door in the wee hours of the morning of Black Friday. That left Jillian and Shane home with me for awhile until Kenny got home from work. What a joy to sit down and look at baby items with Jillian and talk about what is to come when that tiny baby arrives in January. Oh how I can't wait. Had the privilege of fixing breakfast for my daughter and son-in-law on Friday and Saturday. Oh how I love that.

Kenny was no sooner in the door from work on Friday until there were games to be played, more food to be eaten and laughter that made me about pee myself! Yep, laughed that hard again with my daughter and son-in-law and my husband. We had the best time.

Spending time with your grown children is a pleasure and a joy that cannot be described in words. Maybe this year I appreciate it all even more as I look at my daughter's belly with our grandchild inside or maybe it's because I know where we all have been and how far God has brought each one of us. Makes me want to sit here and cry like a baby with sheer joy. Makes me want to put up some stones outside as a reminder that "God has brought us thus far".

It's now Sunday. We went to church and heard a wonderful message from Pastor Matt Thompson from the Geneva Church of Christ. Matt and his family will always hold a very special place in our hearts. You never realize how much people mean to you until you haven't seen them for awhile. Never met a man with a greater gift of encouragement than Matt Thompson.

Kenny has finally wound down from all the excitement and food and has crashed on the couch while watching football. Jillian and Shane have gone home. Justin is back at work. My books and notes are all over the kitchen table calling my name, because I desperately need to get busy on a project!

Life is full. Life is good. And my soul is full of the good things of life. Thank you Lord for countless blessings, unspeakable joy and for bringing me 'thus far'.

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