Saturday, August 22, 2009

Donuts - an empty way of life.

Donuts. Pretty. Sweet. Tempting. Glazed. Frosted. Powdered. Puffed up. Empty in the middle, unless superficially stuffed with something. Donuts aren't sinful in and of themselves. But sin could certainly be described similarly. They both look good. The donut is missing something. And sin leaves you feeling the same way - empty on the inside and missing something.

I like donuts. When I was under 30-something, I could eat them - lots of them - and they had no effect on me. Not so much now that I am in the over 40-something category. They still look good. They still initially taste good. But somehow after that last bite, I immediately regret giving into the temptation. My mouth feels and tastes funny. I can feel the sugar starting to run its course through my body. Not good. I start asking myself - why did you do that? You know how they make you feel. Was it really worth it? No. Sadly, I still gave in more than once thinking maybe this time the effects will be different. After all, how can something that looks that good make me feel that bad.

Sin can be that way. Tempting. Feels good. Looks good. In your heart and mind, you know better. You know you shouldn't. You know how you will feel after that 2-minute sin binge. But you do it anyway. I have been there and done that in a multitude of ways. And regretted every one, whether it was an immediate regret or on down the line. You don't always feel the effects of sin right away. It can take its toll on your spirit, soul and body long after you enjoyed the momentary pleasure of it.

I'm probably not going to die from the part of the donut I ate yesterday morning. But somehow the 'bad taste' of it is still with me.

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Kenny said...

This is the way I see it... Jesus is the part of the donut that is missing. Therefore I will consume massive amounts of donut holes.