Thursday, July 30, 2009

Who are "they"?

"They" say you should walk and you will lose weight. "They" say you should drink more water. "They" say weigh yourself once a week. "They" say don't eat after 6 p.m. "They" say weigh yourself every day. "They" say you should pay cash. "They" say it's going to be a hard winter. "They" say you will go blind if you sit too close to the tv. "They" say it's going to be a good year for corn. "They" say . . . WHO ARE THEY?

If you really think about it, how many times do you say or do you hear others say: "They say"? Why don't we ever question who "they" are or what "they" say? Sometimes we just take it as gospel and go with it. If "They" said it, well then it must be true.

Maybe we should take a different approach. Jesus says "Don't worry about tomorrow". Jesus says "love your enemy". Jesus says to give to the poor. Jesus says to take care of the orphans and widows. Jesus says to cast all your anxieties on him. Jesus says to forgive as you have been forgiven. Jesus says to tell others about him. Jesus says to love your God with all your heart. Jesus says . . . . Do you know what Jesus says? How different would our lives be if we thought about what Jesus says as much as we do about what "they" say.

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Lynn said...

Hi Kim, I came to your blog by way of the scripture memorization post on LPM blog. I soooo agree with you "Who are they?" anyway and why should we believe "them"!! I have said this many times to people that are telling me something
"they" say. It made me smile to see you post about that very thing. So much wiser to think on what Jesus says! Thanks for the post I looked around your blog and enjoyed reading what you have posted. I live in Alberta, Canada.