Friday, November 14, 2008

Coccia House Pizza over Pride

I have the most wonderful hairdresser. She is the only person I have been able to find that knows how to cut my naturally curly, naturally thick hair and not make me look like a poodle! (My last wonderful hairdresser had to quit due to health reasons - she was amazing too). Since we have moved it now takes me about 40 minutes to get home from the beauty shop. I am determined to look good for my sweet husband and so the 40 minute drive is worth it.

So last night, I get my hair cut and tell her not to bother styling or drying it because I want to head home. No sooner get in the car, than I get a text message from my husband wanting to know if I want to pick up a pizza from one of our very favorite family owned restaurants that just happens to only be about 10 minutes from where I am. Now the dilemma, as I sit in my car with wet, freshly cut, unstyled hair and a small dog's worth of hair clippings on my sweater and face, is whether I am willing to risk my pride and go inside to get the pizza or drive home for leftovers. It was a no brainer. This pizza is good stuff and we don't get to have it very often. So I called the pizza place, ordered the large sausage, mushroom and hot pepper pizza and waited for it to be done.

Then leaving all my pride in the car, I walked into this very nice and very busy restaurant with my wet, freshly cut, unstyled hair and hair clippings gently scattered upon my face and picked up my pizza. After all - there is more than one way to my husband's heart. I figured if I didn't look so good when I got home the pizza would make up for it and it did!

His Thankful Child,

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Tanya said...

I love Coccia Hous Pizza! I spent a good bit of weekend time at Coccia House as a teen. I truly appreciate your putting pride aside for good pizza. What a lesson! Pride is much harder to swallow then good pizza. But the reward is sweet.