Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Have You Prayed for Your Husband Today?

Okay, if you are a man reading this - Have you prayed for your wife today?

Seriously, have you prayed for your husband or wife today?   Years ago when our marriage was still far from God and my husband was not yet a believer, the one thing that God taught me was to pray for my husband.  Trust me - it was all God.  I just prayed.

I firmly believe in the power of prayer, but I had no idea even where to begin or what to pray.  I had no real understanding of the Word and the power of praying scripture.  I just prayed from my heart and usually it was at least three times a day.

I got up early in the morning, set my timer for 30 minutes, and just poured my heart out to the Lord.   Then again on my lunch break I would read the Word, pull out a book I purchased that gave me some direction and pray through the written prayers in it.  

On my way home from work, I prayed.  I prayed for time.  I prayed that God would do a miracle.   I prayed for help in how to answer my husband and how to treat him.  I prayed God would help me with the housework so that our home would be inviting.  I just prayed.   No magic sentences or right order of words, just a pure heart that wanted God to work in my marriage.

Truthfully, I wanted God to fix my husband so that our marriage could be fixed.   But what happened was that while God did do a mighty work in my husband's life, he worked on me first.     If God had actually answered my prayers in the order I wanted, I would never have been the wife my husband needed.  I was too spiritually immature.

Sometimes I thought God wasn't moving fast enough.   As I look back, God moved really fast.    

One of the most encouraging things my husband said to me during those early months was when he told me that he could tell I was praying for him.  I didn't have a clue and I asked him how he knew.   His reply wasn't so much that he could tell when I was, but rather he could tell when I wasn't!!

Marriages can be extremely messy and I don't know any that don't have problems from time to time.  So whether your marriage is at the top of its game or on the last rung of the ladder of hope - pray.

God designed marriage.  He hears you when you cry out to him with a sincere heart.   If things are going well, pray for your spouse.   If things stink, pray for your spouse.   There isn't a thing that you can't take before the Lord.  He already sees and knows exactly what is going on.

One of the greatest answers, aside from salvation for my husband, was when God answered my prayer that my husband would have godly friends in his life.  I wanted my husband to have godly men who would speak into his life and that he could hang out with.  God answered.  

Do you pray for his friendships, for his job, for his health, for strength to resist whatever temptations he may face?  Do you ask God to bless your husband in specific ways?     I can't encourage you enough to pray for your spouse.    Don't wait until tomorrow - start now.


Kevin Rush said...

Thank you. Needed this.

Jeanette said...

Thanks for the reminder Kim!

Beth H said...

A wake-up call in more ways than one. Thanks Kim.

Gigi said...

Love this post! God blessed me with the most wonderful, loving, God-fearing man to be my husband and I was honored every day to be his wife. And even though the Lord called him home 2 years ago, I pray for him still...