Thursday, April 29, 2010

7-day recap

Sometimes life is full of stuff - just stuff. Sometimes it is serious. Sometimes it's not.
This is just some of the good stuff in my life over the last few days.

April 23: Rock through the window of our car - not so good
Zero deductible on comprehensive insurance - good stuff

April 24: Our son-in-law got sick - not so good
Spent time with our grandson anyway - good stuff

April 27: Away from my husband - not so good
Women's bible study - good stuff

April 29: Finally taking Easter pics off camera
Find picture of my son with his nephew - good stuff

April 29: Watching how I eat - not so good
Starbucks released new ice cream flavors - good stuff

(Seriously - Starbucks ice cream is soooooo amazing!
And it would be wrong to not end with dessert)


Tanya said...

Aaah! Luv the Good Stuff!! Simon is just precious!

DeeDee said...

Hey... love your blog - I came over from Lynette's blog.
Good to visit with you...
Sweet Blessings,

Jenilee said...

the starbucks ice cream looks amazing! :)